Exposición de fotografía documental, instalada en las rejas del C3 - Sandra G. Hordóñez

1) Introduction

Cet espace est dédié à tous ceux et celles qui ne peuvent physiquement assister à cette exposition.

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3) Présentation de l'exposition

We are faced with a national emergency. In Mexico, 11 women and girls are killed daily for the simple fact of being women. In the world, one in three suffers from physical or sexual violence.
This social problem, determined by gender inequality, causes powerlessness, insecurity, anger and a growing rage in our society. The feminist movements have been in charge of denouncing and generating proposals that favor and vindicate the rights and equalities of women in the world; however, this effort has not been enough to alleviate the problem.
Mexico is no exception, as it has been unable to deal with its deep and ingrained machismo. In recent years, specifically in the last five years, the feminist movement in Mexico, and its various forms of protest, have gained eminent force; It is an unprecedented historical moment, a call for help, resistance, sisterhood and solidarity that we must not ignore. And, although the road is full of confrontations, for me, as a woman, as a mother and as a photographer it is of utmost importance to document the collective visual memory and make visible the different forms of expression of current feminist protests.
Throughout these five years, I have focused part of my work on recording this movement in order to generate a memorial archive and open spaces for dialogue, respect and understanding. I am interested in addressing various angles such as pain, love, sadness, sisterhood, anger and rage; which are some of the feelings and convictions that accompany and intertwine in this struggle. Sandra Hordóñez

4) Photos de l'exposition

Crédit photo et vidéo : Sandra G. Hordóñez